Appropriate Level of Care (ALOC)

While the hospital is the place to go for severe medical emergencies, mild illnesses or injuries can often be treated at home, at an urgent care center or in one of our rehabilitation facilities.

The Autumn Woods Appropriate Level of Care, or ALOC, program is designed to provide varying levels of care administered through a continuum of specialty providers. In some cases, this may eliminate your need for a hospital stay.

Improper patient placement can often lead to inefficient care, unnecessary treatment services and high medical bills. Our ALOC program ensures that you’ll receive the most appropriate care based on the circumstances of your injury or illness.

Your primary care physician will use your medical records and current condition to determine the optimal level of care, matching the severity of your illness to the services required for recovery.

Our specialized medical and clinical staff includes: internists, infectious disease specialists and wound care experts. Treatment options include:

  • Nursing Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Intravenous medications and fluid replacement
  • Wound care
  • Oxygen and respiratory services
  • Cardiac telemetry monitoring
  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound and blood testing capability
  • Telemedicine

To learn more about the Appropriate Level of Care program, call 586-574-3444!